Negative Reaction to Good News

You would think that when dealing with a medical crisis that great information concerning your health would ease stress and anxiety and anxiety. Directly, I was extremely surprised that after the preliminary elation of good news, a “down” feeling set in. It was almost like the bright side was way too much. It looked like an odd response and in thinking of it I was motivated to create this post. That would certainly have thought that excellent news could create anything yet good feelings?

Allow’s explore the characteristics of bad news and also good information. (I addressed what to do when you get bad news in a previous article.).

Anticipation is the opponent since it creates anxiousness and stress and anxiety. When diagnosed with a serious or lethal illness the emphasis is on treatment. The expectancy is that the treatment will certainly be successful or at least there is hope that it will certainly be. But this is only the start of the journey. At some point the medical professionals will certainly inspect to see if the treatment is working or not. The expectancy as well as waiting on that initial test is tough and psychological. Besides, your family and friends are doing the exact same point … waiting. This common experience may feel like assistance or possibly it will feel like you are accountable for their sensations too or something in between. Anticipation builds anxious power inside coupled with adverse projections as well as a sense of responsibility for just how others will really feel.

You get excellent news! The therapy is working. A wave of alleviation can be felt by every person. There is joy, event, and expectations of being well. The reality is that the waiting game simply begins again for the following examination and also marker of your health and wellness. The next examination and results adhere to. Maybe it is good news once again or possibly you’ll get problem. The anticipation rises again. You and your loved ones locate yourselves worried, on edge, as well as perhaps a little bit burned out with the process that you now recognize will certainly continue unless the health dilemma ends. The cycle begins once more as well as expectancy gets worse especially if you have been yo-yoing in between excellent as well as trouble.

Currently I comprehend the “down” feelings after good news. The flame of expectation is lit once again on your own and those close to you. The expectation leads to expectancy, which results in anxiousness, tension as well as other sensations.

Feeling down upon listening to great news is also self-protection from the yo-yo impact of the cycle of positive and negative news. If you do not get as well ecstatic then it won’t injure a lot if the news is negative or neutral (extra waiting). If you are one of those that really feel responsible for others’ feelings you may not even have the commemorative experience. Feeling down or neutral after excellent news shields you from disappointment, shields you from distressed, and also protects you from future forecasts about your wellness result.

Currently you recognize the system as well as the cycle that creates anticipation and also the source of reduced or neutral feelings upon listening to great news. Is it ALRIGHT to take care of information concerning your wellness condition in this way? Certainly it is! There is no right or incorrect with feelings. Each person manages them in their very own unique method. A person told me that staying neutral with the good as well as trouble is healthy. No big ups and also downs allows the body to remain calm as well as in recovery mode. The cycle and also process of managing a wellness dilemma is just what it is: a cycle, a procedure, life … your life.

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