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    Hi, I got had ordered a bouquet of roses for my wife for our 10th anniversary and am glad to say that they were delivered on the right day at right time. Thanks guys.

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    I placed an order for some Truffle Cake and am happy to report that it was delivered without any problem and in one piece.

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    Thanks iflowers for delivering the chocolates to my girlfriend.

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    Thank you for the variety of choices and the speedy delivery. Excellent service. I received mine in 3 days. Hats off to you!

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    good quality products. Received the flowers that I ordered in time and still fresh! No issues whatsoever. Overall a very positive and rewarding experience.

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    I have placed 2 orders so far, and you have beat every online shopping portal in the service that you have provided! A big THANK YOU to the team of iflowers. Keep up the good work.

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    This was my first time buying something online and was worried that it would not be delivered or will be late but thanks to you, my flowers got delivered with a problem and I didn’t have problem placing the orders.

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    It was great shopping at your site. I loved the collection of chocolates and the variety of cakes that you have. Amazing site. Well done. Do you do int deliveries also?

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    I recently ordered a birthday cake for my husband from the midnight delivery options and they did deliver it at midnight just in time to surprise him! It was really good. Thank you so much!

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Ruby Red
$12.72 (Rs 699.00)
$15.11 (Rs 830.00)
The Sweet Surprises
$12.72 (Rs 699.00)
$15.11 (Rs 830.00)
A Basket of Love A 202
$8.17 (Rs 449.00)
$9.65 (Rs 530.00)
Sweet Splendor
$19.09 (Rs 1049.00)
$22.66 (Rs 1245.00)
Spring Garden
$15.45 (Rs 849.00)
$18.29 (Rs 1005.00)
Heart Shape Love
$32.74 (Rs 1799.00)
$38.77 (Rs 2130.00)
Roses N Soft toy
$17.27 (Rs 949.00)
$20.48 (Rs 1125.00)
Love Combo
$36.38 (Rs 1999.00)
$43.13 (Rs 2370.00)
Modern Embrace
$30.01 (Rs 1649.00)
$35.58 (Rs 1955.00)
Charming Bloom
$17.27 (Rs 949.00)
$20.48 (Rs 1125.00)
Modern Basket
$25.46 (Rs 1399.00)
$30.21 (Rs 1660.00)
Designer Love
$22.73 (Rs 1249.00)
$26.94 (Rs 1480.00)


Flower Baskets

Flower baskets are one of the most captivating objects in the world. Some would even call it a ‘time-transport’ machine. At the sight of one, you are transported through time and memories to lush meadows where flowers abound. You imagine yourself picking up flowers to be gently placed in your basket and make it the most beautiful arrangement in the world. It cannot get any better than that. Indeed, flower baskets make some of the best gifts you can give a person. If flowers belong anywhere, then it is indeed in a lovely basket. Regardless of the sizes or shapes, a decked up flower basket is just the right way to express your love for the person. Send them to your loved ones and watch in delight as your loved ones breaks into a smile and wish they were in some Alpine meadow. All the same, you don't have to go to the Alps to order one. You can make your pick right here with our impressive collection of flower baskets.

More Flowers

As you have opted for flower gift basket to send to your loved ones to express your love and gratitude, take a look at these options.

Rose Basket
Roses are favorite gift choice, ideal for any occasion. Love, happiness, loyalty, serenity, respect, courage, desire, friendship — almost all sort of emotions have representations in rose family. You just need to select the right color to convey the message to the person you wish to gift it.  Just get a red rose basket for your beloved and see the magic it does to your relationship. If you want to wish your best friend, then get a yellow rose basket and make him/her happy. You may have thousand dimensions of thoughts in your mind, whatever it may be you have choice to express it with a bunch of roses.

Mixed Flower Basket
An elegant bouquet with colorful flowers could be an ideal choice for any occasion. Lilies, roses, chrysanthemum, gerberas, daisies, the choices are almost endless when it comes to flowers. You can select your favorite flower basket either with a special flowerer with a special color.

Color Theme Basket
It is a great idea to gift your beloved with a favorite color. For instance, you may select red as your theme and deck it up with red roses, lilies daisies, gerberas, etc. If you like to go for a pink basket for your beloved, you can select pink flowers to carry your message to her. Yellow, green, purple and white are other popular color themes.

Think Different
It has now become a practice to think only about some common flowers like rose, chrysanthemum, daisy, lily, gerberas, etc. whenever you consider floral gifts. Think different this time; get an exotic orchid or Anthurium bouquet to convey your message. These elegant bouquets would make your wishes bold and stand-out among the common bouquet which are elegant though, are no longer cute enough to catch attention.

Fruit-Flower Basket
Flowers and fruits basket could be an elegant gift, both complementing each other. A treat to eyes and tongue, this thoughtful basket would find a place for itself in any plethora of gifts. It would be best if you could co-ordinate the basket with a common theme rather than picking up some flowers and fruits randomly. Theme could be color, season or anything pleasant.