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Vanilla cake-EL
$20.00 (Rs 1099.00)
$23.66 (Rs 1300.00)
2kg Chocolate Cake-EL
$42.75 (Rs 2349.00)
$50.69 (Rs 2785.00)
2kg Pineapple Cake-EL
$42.75 (Rs 2349.00)
$50.69 (Rs 2785.00)
Chocolate Cake-EL
$20.00 (Rs 1099.00)
$23.66 (Rs 1300.00)
Two Tier Cake-EL
$80.97 (Rs 4449.00)
$95.91 (Rs 5270.00)
Butterscotch Cake-EL
$20.00 (Rs 1099.00)
$23.66 (Rs 1300.00)


Eggless Cakes

Gifting becomes a sheer pleasure when you know how to ‘wow’ someone with something that is unexpected, rare, and desired. Cakes are festive to the core and make for great gift options. But often they contain egg and the vegetarian sigh at the sight of it, beaten by a longing to savor the yummy taste of a cake. If someone, whom you would want to send a gift is a vegetarian or is allergic to egg and if you think that much popular cake is not at all an option, then you are wrong. Here we bring a yummy collection of eggless cakes that are not even a bit inferior as far as taste is concerned to regular cakes. There are chocolate, vanilla and many more flavors for you to pick from. When you are planning to surprise your loved ones with a gift probably, cake is one of the very first things which come to your mind, isn’t it? So be it. Their vegetarianism is no longer a matter of concern. You can send eggless cakes bearing all your love and affection towards them.

More Cakes

Have a look at this plump collection of all sorts of eggless cakes in variety of flavors for you to gift to your vegan friends and loved ones.

Eggless Cakes Gifts
Black Forest Cake
An eggless black forest cake with a number of chocolate layers and light and fluffy whipped cream is one of the best suited gifts for any occasion. A topping of maraschino cherries to add to the delicacies does just enough to make the occasion even more cheerful for your loved ones.

Chocolate Cake
What else can be a better emissary to confer your love and gratitude for the special ones than a yummy cake with a flavor of melted chocolate or cocoa powder? Now with eggless chocolate cakes even the vegans can savor the delicacies of chocolate cake.

Fruitcake, prepared with the help of chopped crystalline fruits is yet another favorite dish among cake-lovers. Gift a fruitcake enriched with fresh fruits, nuts and spices to your adored ones to add a fruity flavor to their celebration on any day.

Pineapple Cake
Among all eggless cakes pineapple cakes are perhaps the most popular choice. Crushed pineapple with a blend of butter and sugar will cater to the taste buds of entire family, making the inherent sweetness in the day even sweeter. Send one and make the day even more special for your loved ones.

Butter Cake
The lusciousness of butter and sweetness of sugar is destined to impart a precious smile on the face of the ones whom you hold close to your heart. Send and treat your dear ones with eggless butter cake and create a lasting impression upon their hearts.

Carrot Cake
Quite evident from its name, a carrot cake is a cake with carrot as the main ingredient. However, the presence of some other ingredients like nuts, raisins, pineapple, and coconut in the cake makes it even more delectable. It is aperfect gift to send to your vegan loved ones to shower your love and affection.