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    Hi, I got had ordered a bouquet of roses for my wife for our 10th anniversary and am glad to say that they were delivered on the right day at right time. Thanks guys.

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    I placed an order for some Truffle Cake and am happy to report that it was delivered without any problem and in one piece.

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    good quality products. Received the flowers that I ordered in time and still fresh! No issues whatsoever. Overall a very positive and rewarding experience.

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    I have placed 2 orders so far, and you have beat every online shopping portal in the service that you have provided! A big THANK YOU to the team of iflowers. Keep up the good work.

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    This was my first time buying something online and was worried that it would not be delivered or will be late but thanks to you, my flowers got delivered with a problem and I didn’t have problem placing the orders.

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    It was great shopping at your site. I loved the collection of chocolates and the variety of cakes that you have. Amazing site. Well done. Do you do int deliveries also?

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    I recently ordered a birthday cake for my husband from the midnight delivery options and they did deliver it at midnight just in time to surprise him! It was really good. Thank you so much!

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Say It With Flowers EXDFNP15
$34.56 (Rs 1899.00)
$40.95 (Rs 2250.00)
Natural Beauty EXDFNP141
$17.27 (Rs 949.00)
$20.48 (Rs 1125.00)
Bright Side of Life EXDFNP142
$23.64 (Rs 1299.00)
$28.03 (Rs 1540.00)
My Sunshine EXDFNP144
$27.28 (Rs 1499.00)
$32.31 (Rs 1775.00)
Truly Exotic
$27.28 (Rs 1499.00)
$32.31 (Rs 1775.00)
Tube Roses
$12.72 (Rs 699.00)
$15.11 (Rs 830.00)
Red Anthuriums
$18.91 (Rs 1039.00)
$22.39 (Rs 1230.00)
One Sided Bunch
$19.82 (Rs 1089.00)
$23.48 (Rs 1290.00)
Green Light For Love
$25.46 (Rs 1399.00)
$30.21 (Rs 1660.00)
Exotic Bouquet
$24.37 (Rs 1339.00)
$28.85 (Rs 1585.00)
Colours Of Love
$29.10 (Rs 1599.00)
$34.49 (Rs 1895.00)
Tube Roses n Lilies
$44.57 (Rs 2449.00)
$52.78 (Rs 2900.00)


Bunch of Flowers

Flowers with their beautiful colors and innocent nature had captivated human mind from ages. Because human are great admirers of beauty and elegance, flowers have managed to be one of the most sought after gifts whatever the occasion may be. For a person who loves colors and splendor, nothing can steal his/her mind as much as a graceful blossom can; then what a bunch of flowers can do is obvious. Along with passing time flowers got part of various superstitions, beliefs and traditions. So, it is very important to check for the meanings associated with flowers before you attempt to send them or else you may be revert back with unfavorable results instead of appreciation. Even great play writes used flowers in their dramas. Flowers like rose, pansy's magic, peonies, hollyhock, crown imperial, carnations etc. had become part of Shakespearian plays. Don’t you remember how Daffodils impressed Wordsworth? We have a good collection of lilies, carnations, roses, Gerberas, Anthuriums, Orchids and many more with us. Send a bunch of flowers today and watch the wonder it does!

More Flowers

Take a quick look at these options in order to confer all your love and affection to your loved ones by presenting them with bunch of flowers.

Bunch Of Flowers
Bunch Of Lilacs
A bunch of lilac is an embodiment of love. In countries such as Greece, Lebanon, and Cyprus, the lilac is often associated with Easter and is consequently called paschalia as it blooms around that time. Send a posy of lilacs to bestow your love and make the bond stronger with your loved ones.

Bunch Of Roses
The ancient Greeks and Romans rose with their goddesses of love, Aphrodite and Venus. Roses are found in various colors and each color bears a special significance.
For instance a red rose has evolved to be the universal symbol of love and is has been a perfect Valentine’s Day gift all over the world. Surprise your loved ones with a bunch of roseson any special occasionand make the day unforgettable.

Bunch of carnations
Like rose different carnation possess different significance. For instance light red carnations represent admiration, while dark red denote deep love and affection. Whereas white carnations represent pure love and good luck, while striped (variegated) carnations symbolize regret that a love cannot be shared and Purple carnations indicate capriciousness. There can’t be a more expressive gift than a bouquet of carnations. Hence choose any color befitting the occasion and send a bunch of carnation to your loved ones and be the cause of their delight on a special day.

Bunch of Lilies
The redolence of lilies can spellbind any soul. To receive such an elegant gift will certainly overwhelm the bosom of the recipient with great joy. Like most of the flowers different colors of lilies also carry different meanings. For example where white lily stands for purity, a scarlet one signifies high-souled aspirations and orange symbolizes desire and passion. Choose any color according to your mood and occasion and send a corsage of lilies to the special the ones as an emissary to express your feelings on your behalf.